At Sailing Measurements, we understand the importance of accuracy in measuring racing boats. We use cutting-edge technology and advanced methods to obtain accurate measurements that meet the most rigorous standards.
Whether measuring the length, beam, draft, rig, boat weight, sails, or any other key dimensions of your boat,

We are here to help you!

Sails Measurements

Sails shrink! It is highly reccommended to re-measure them each season to optimize the rating certificate. Acurate sail mesurement is essential to guarantee optimal performance in regattas. We ensure that they meet the requierements of each class and provide you with valuable information to optimize your rating certificate.

Inclining Tests

Carrying out an inclining test is essential to ensure the stability and safety of your boat. Our team will caryy out precise measurements and extensive analysis to evaluate your boat's list angle. The inclining test is a fundamental part of the ORCi certificate.

Boat Weight

We make precise measurements to determine the total weight of your boat. This is crucial to meet the requierements of each class and thus ensure a fair racing.

Bulb & Appendages Weight

We measure the bulb weight of your boat, a crucial factor in boat performance and stability. Also, we carry out detailed measurements and analyzes of your boat's appendages, such as keels, rudders, ... necessary so that your trusted designar can improve the hydrodynamic efficiency and performance of your boat.

Trust Sailing Measurements to get accurate measurements for your boat!