Hull scanning in Barcelona

Sailing Measurements offers specialized hull scanning services using cutting-edge technology. We use Total Stations, Multi Stations and Laser Scanners to get accurate and detailed scans of your boat's hull. In this way, using topographic technology we obtain the hull shape and therefore, the water lines. The scan generates a points cloud (essentila for the creation of the offset file for ORCi) and allows structural analusis, symmetries, deformations, ... . The points cloud allow us, through reverse engineering, to generate the surface of the hull, necessary for the optimization or refit of the hull and its appendages.

Hull Scanning, using Laser Scanner

The use of state-of-the-art laser scanner euipment allows us to capture millions op points and scan the entire hull in a short period of time.

Hull Scanning, using Multi Station

Our ability to perform hull scanning using Multi-Station allows us to obtain a higher level of accuracy and coverage. The Multi-Station combines multiple technologies and sensors to accurately capture data. This results in a complete and detailed three-dimensional representation of your boat's hull.

Hull Scanning, using Total Station

By using a high precission Total Station, we can raise the hull shapes necessary to create an offset file. Although the results are optimal, it requires more work time, better placement and levelling of the boat and much more free space to work properly.